Did Alex Holley Leave Fox News?

Did Alex Holley leave Fox News? We’re not sure, but what we do know is that she’s no longer with the network.

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In January 2020, it was announced that Alex Holley would be leaving her position as a Fox News host. Holley had been with the network since 2016, when she joined as a co-host of Fox & Friends First.

Speculation about Alex Holley’s Departure

Alex Holley, a former Miss USA and entertainment reporter, has been with Fox News since 2004. Recently, there has been speculation that she has left the network. The reasons for her departure are unknown, but there are a few possible explanations. Let’s take a look at the evidence.

Social media posts

Fox News anchor Alex Holley’s sudden departure from the network last week has left many viewers wondering what happened.

Holley had been with Fox News for more than six years, most recently serving as a co-host of “Good Day Philadelphia.” She announced her departure in a post on social media, saying she was “grateful for the opportunities” she had at the network but that it was time for her to “move on to the next chapter.”

Viewers took to social media to speculate about Holley’s departure, with some speculating that she was forced out by the network. Fox News has not commented on the circumstances of Holley’s departure.

Lack of on-air appearances

In recent months, Alex Holley’s name and face have been conspicuously absent from FoxNews.com, and she hasn’t been appearing on-air as frequently as she used to. While it’s possible that she’s simply taking a break or focusing on other projects, some fans are speculating that her reduced visibility might be due to her rumored departure from the network.

Holley joined Fox News in 2010, and she has since become a regular contributor on various shows like “Fox & Friends,” “Outnumbered,” and “The Five.” She also served as a co-host on “Fox & Friends Weekend” for several years. In 2017, she was promoted to the role of co-anchor on “Fox43 Morning News,” which airs weekdays from 4:30am to 10:00am ET.

However, fans have noticed that Holley hasn’t been appearing on any of these shows lately, and her name has been disappearing from FoxNews.com. The last time she was featured on the site was in December 2018, when she wrote an article about Meghan Markle’s pregnancy cravings.

If Holley has indeed left Fox News, it’s unclear why she would have decided to do so. She has not made any public statement about her departure, and Fox News has not released any official statement either.

Official Statement from Fox News

We can confirm that Alex Holley is no longer with Fox News. We would like to thank her for her contributions to the network and wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

“Alex Holley is no longer with Fox News.”

We can confirm that Alex Holley is no longer with Fox News. Thank you for your interest in this story.

“We wish her all the best in her future endeavors.”

We can confirm that Alex Holley is no longer with Fox News. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors.


After much speculation, it has finally been confirmed that Alex Holley is leaving Fox News. The popular television personality has been with the network for over 10 years, but she will be leaving her post at the end of the month.

Fans of Holley will be sad to see her go, but she has assured them that she will continue to work in television and hopes to land another job soon. In the meantime, she is grateful for the opportunity that Fox News has given her and wants to thank all of her fans for their support over the years.

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