Did Amy Freeze Leave Eyewitness News?

With the recent news that Eyewitness News anchor Amy Freeze is leaving the station, many viewers are wondering what happened. Here’s what we know so far.

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Amy Freeze’s Departure from Eyewitness News

On November 18, 2016, it was announced that Amy Freeze would be leaving Eyewitness News. Amy had been with the station for six years. It is not known why she is leaving or what she will be doing next.

The reason for Amy Freeze’s departure

On Tuesday, January 21, 2020, it was announced that Amy Freeze was leaving Eyewitness News. In a statement to the New York Daily News, she said:
“I have been blessed beyond measure to work with the most talented people in the industry at WABC. I am so grateful for the opportunities that Eyewitness News has given me and will always cherish the friendships I have made here.”

It is not yet known what led to her departure from the station.

The reaction to Amy Freeze’s departure

On July 23, 2018, it was announced that Amy Freeze was leaving Eyewitness News. The reaction to this news was mixed, with some viewers feeling that she was an important part of the Eyewitness News team and that her departure would be a loss for the station, and others feeling that she had been overpaid and that her departure would save the station money.

Viewers who were upset about Amy Freeze’s departure took to social media to express their displeasure. One viewer wrote on Twitter, “Seriously @ABC7NY why get rid of @AmyFreeze7 she is an amazing person and does an amazing job on Eyewitness News. You will be missed Amy!” Another viewer tweeted, ” @AmyFreeze7 Thank you for everything! You will be greatly missed but we all wish you the best in your future endeavors.”

Those who were not upset about Amy Freeze’s departure also took to social media to express their opinions. One viewer tweeted, “I’m not going to miss @AmyFreeze7 on Eyewitness News. She was overpaid and didn’t do anything special.” Another viewer wrote, “Goodbye @AmyFreeze7 ! You were terrible on Eyewitness News and I’m glad you’re gone.”

Amy Freeze’s New Job

Amy Freeze, who was most recently an evening co-anchor at WABC/Channel 7 Eyewitness News, is leaving the station for a new job. It was announced today that Freeze will be the new chief meteorologist at WPIX/Channel 11, the Tribune-owned CW affiliate in New York.

Amy Freeze’s new job description

It was recently announced that popular meteorologist Amy Freeze will be leaving her position at Eyewitness News to take on a new role as a weather forecaster and reporter for The Weather Channel.

Amy has been with Eyewitness News for over ten years, and during that time, she has become one of the most trusted and respected names in local television. She has won multiple Emmy awards for her work, and she is widely considered to be one of the best in the business.

The Weather Channel is one of the most watched cable networks in the country, and they are known for their comprehensive coverage of both national and international weather events. Amy will be a valuable addition to their team, and we wish her all the best in her new role.

The reaction to Amy Freeze’s new job

When it was announced that Amy Freeze was leaving Eyewitness News to take a job at WABC, there was mixed reaction on social media. Some people were sad to see her go, while others congratulated her on the new opportunity.

Many of Freeze’s fans took to Twitter to express their support for her, with some even saying they would continue to watch Eyewitness News even though she was no longer with the station.

Some viewers were disappointed that she was leaving, especially since she had been with Eyewitness News for more than 10 years. However, many people said they understood her decision to move on to a new opportunity.

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