Did Michelle Dunaway Leave 9 And 10 News?

Similarly, Who left Fox 17 news?

On Wednesday, February 23rd, Leigh Ann announced her resignation from FOX 17 at the conclusion of the FOX 17 Morning Mix show. Leigh Ann began her career as a reporter at FOX 17 in 2011. She became the show’s co-anchor a year and a half later, when FOX 17 introduced its weekend edition of FOX 17 Morning News.

Also, it is asked, Who is Michelle Dunaway?

Twitter / Michelle Dunaway (@MichelleDunaway). FOX 17 anchor/reporter, wife, mother, runner, triathlete, equestrienne, cuisine, wine, and travel enthusiast.

Secondly, Did Mike Avery leave 17?

Mike Avery is leaving television news to go on a new journey in California with his family. Mike and Deanna have a special place in our hearts at FOX 17. We wish them both the best of luck.

Also, Did Derek leave FOX 17?

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan (AP) – Derek Francis, a long-time nightly anchor for FOX 17, is departing after almost seven years. Derek began his reporting career with KPNX TV in Phoenix as a videotape editor/associate producer. During his career, he worked as a morning news anchor and reporter at WZZM in West Michigan.

People also ask, Who is Haley Vaughn?

Haeley Vaughn (born June 5th, 1993) competed on American Idol Season 9.

Related Questions and Answers

Where is Alyssa hearin of Fox 17?

Alyssa presently works as the Morning Anchor/Reporter for WXMI FOX17 News in Grand Rapids, MI, where she shares stories with her audience throughout west Michigan. She’ll keep you up to date on everything from breaking news to must-see events.

What is Mike Avery’s new job?

Mike joins Placer Title Company as a Business Development Representative after more than a decade as a news anchor. He is originally from Syracuse, New York, and has previously worked in Michigan.

Where is Mike Avery from?

A native of San Jose, California, Avery attended Westmont College during his undergraduate career.

Who left Wzzm?

Brent Ashcroft of WZZM-TV (Grand Rapids) has resigned from television after 31 years, all of them in West Michigan, to pursue a second career as a buyer and trader of coin collections. On December 23, the station made the announcement.

Who has left WZZM 13?

wzzm13.com – Brent Ashcroft is leaving 13 ON YOUR SIDE.

Who is Derek Francis?

Derek Francis, the presenter of Incapable Staircase’s The Sunday Show, keeps celebs talking to promote Maggie’s, including his dream guest, Lorraine Kelly. Just before the epidemic, former Hollywood executive Derek Francis, 53, was told he had two years to live.

WZTV (channel 17) is a Fox and The CW-affiliated television station in Nashville, Tennessee, United States.

Is Fox 17 owned by Fox News?

WXMIFOX 17 is part of The E.W. Scripps Company (NASDAQ: SSP), which uses journalism to help people understand the world. Scripps has 60 television stations in 42 areas, making it the country’s fourth-largest independent TV station owner.

Who owns Wxmi?

The Company of E.W. Scripps

Is Karen Rogers married?

Rogers, Kevin Karen Rogers / Husband

Who replaced Dave Murphy?

Rogers, Karen

When did Monica Cryan have her baby?

June 12th

What happened to Sarah Makuta?

Sarah currently works for WZZM in Grand Rapids, Michigan, as a weekend anchor and weekday reporter. Sarah is delighted to be covering political stories in a battleground state during this presidential election season. Sarah worked as a host and reporter for Asset TV in New York, where she discussed serious money.

Is Nick LaFave leaving WZZM?

Nick LaFave of WZZM 13 was the most recent addition to this list, as he revealed on Friday that he would be departing the station once his contract ended in early December. I’m not going to sugarcoat it: this is my final day with 13 On Your Side. My contract has run its course.

Where is Kirk Montgomery?

Montgomery’s new station, WILX-TV in Lansing, Michigan, is listed on his Facebook profile, where he’ll apparently anchor a 4 p.m. broadcast after 9News did not give him a new full-year contract. He also revealed his resignation with two tweets on Twitter.

When did FOX 17 start?

Founded by Ma.WXMI

What channel is Fox news in nashville Tennessee?

Nashville’s WZTV FOX 17 News

Is Brittany Bell married?

24 for 2021. Before coming to WTVD, Bell worked at WAPT-TV in Jackson, Mississippi. Bell is married to Terran Kirksey, a Greensboro-based meteorologist.

What happened Llarisa Abreu?

She is now pursuing a second degree in meteorology at Mississippi State University. With her fiancé and dog, she likes indoor cycling, live music, and exploring new restaurants.

How old is Karen Rogers?

52 years (Ma.) Age Karen Rogers

What nationality is Jessica Boyington?

American Nationality Jessica Boyington

Is Rick Williams married?

Mitchell-Williams, Jocelyn Rick Williams / Husband

How old is Tamala Edwards?

51 years (Ap) Age: Tamala Edwards

Who just retired from Action News?

Jim Gardner, a long-time anchor for 6ABC’s “Action News,” is retiring. In January, Gardner will leave the 11 p.m. program of “Action News.” He’ll keep working on the 6 p.m. broadcast until the end of 2022.

Did Dave Roberts from Action News retire?

Roberts announced his retirement from WPVI-TV in November at the age of 73. His final on-air appearance was on December 6th, with long-time colleague Jim Gardner, at the 6 p.m. broadcast. The Philadelphia City Council praised him for his broadcasting and charitable activities when he retired.


Michelle Dunaway is a news anchor for 9 and 10 News. There are rumors that Michelle has left her husband, but it is not confirmed.

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Michelle Dunaway left 9 and 10 News in September after a decade of service. She is now working at the New York Times. Reference: former 9 and 10 news anchors.

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