Did Valerie Cavazos Leave Kgun 9 News?

After hearing a recorded discussion in which WRGB’s technical director and others made nasty remarks about her on-air performance, his wife, Valerie Cavazos, left her year-old position as morning news anchor two days after he resigned.

Similarly, What happened to Valerie Cavazos from Channel 9 news?

She currently devotes her time to visiting schools to encourage Hispanic youngsters to pursue higher education. Samantha and James, Valerie’s older children, are her pride and joy. After just graduating with the same degree from the UA, James is following in her footsteps.

Also, it is asked, Where is Valerie Cavazos now?

She has previously served on the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation and is now a member of the University of Arizona Journalism Advisory Committee. Valerie enjoys her leisure time with her family and friends, taking in the distinct cultural character of southern Arizona.

Secondly, Who left KGUN 9 news?

Big Al, the traffic reporter for KGUN 9, has retired.

Also, Who is the new anchor on KGUN 9?

Alagha, Heidi

People also ask, Is Valerie Cavazos still married?

He is presently the editor and writer for TVNewz.com, the foremost Internet Webzine for the television news sector. Valerie Cavazos, who continues to anchor news in Arizona where they reside with their children, is James’ wife.

Related Questions and Answers

Who is Valerie Cavazos?

Valerie Cavazos, a seasoned investigative writer who grew up in Tucson and attended the University of Arizona, is a Tucson native.

Where did Angelique Lizarde go?

Angelique Lizarde is delighted to be back in Arizona! Angelique is a veteran broadcast journalist who has won several awards. Angelique led the nightly newscasts and reported for News 4 Tucson for five years. She was also an active member of the community.

Did Kristen Aguirre have a stroke?

In April 2019, Aguirre experienced an ischemic stroke, which occurs when a blood clot stops an artery to the brain, necessitating rehabilitation and the relearning of how to walk again.

Where is Priscilla Casper today?

Priscilla Casper is a News 4 Tucson anchor and multi-skilled journalist. Monday through Friday, she hosts News 4 Tucson between noon and 5 p.m.

Why did Valerie Cavazos leave Kgun?

WRGB was not the only place that Parisi left. After hearing a recorded discussion in which WRGB’s technical director and others made nasty remarks about her on-air performance, his wife, Valerie Cavazos, left her year-old position as morning news anchor two days after he resigned.

Why did Erin Christiansen leave kgun9?

Erin Christiansen, KGUN’s top meteorologist, is retiring after 12 years to seek a new opportunity in Florida. Christiansen joined the Tucson television station as a meteorologist in June 2006, after winning two Emmy Awards for her forecasts.

Is Angelique Lizarde leaving Kvoa?

TUCSON, Ariz. (KVOA) – Angelique Lizarde is leaving News 4 Tucson to pursue her aspirations and objectives in other places. Angelique is a great professional who has made a significant contribution to our community and our lives.

Who is the new morning anchor on WLOS?

Anchor/Reporter Lauren Brigman She is happy to be a member of the news station she grew up watching as a native of Western North Carolina.

Who is leaving WLOS TV?

ASHEVILLE, North Carolina WLOS meteorologist and AnchorMom Ingrid Allstaedt revealed on Wednesday that she would be leaving broadcast television to concentrate on her family.

Who is the new anchor on WLOS?

WLOS/ASHEVILLE, N.C. — There were no assurances Kristen Aguirre would ever work at an anchor desk again only 24 months ago. After recovering from a stroke, she is now News 13’s new weekend evening anchor, serving as a light of hope and a voice for the defenseless.

Is Erin Christiansen leaving Kold?

Erin is returning to Tucson after two years at WPEC in West Palm Beach, a CBS affiliate. As the newest member of KOLD’s Early Evening and Late News broadcast teams, she will join Dan Marries and Brooke Wagner. On Monday, Oct. 12, Erin will take over as chief meteorologist.

Is Destiny Quinn married?

She was elevated to mornings and spent two years anchoring the broadcast. She is a second-generation journalist who works with her mother, who has been a news presenter in her hometown for three decades. Destiny has two fur kids, Charlie and Hazel, and is married to Roelf.

Who owns KVOA Tucson?

Broadcasting by Allen Media

Who is Ty Russell?

Anchor / Investigative Reporter Ty Russell TY RUSSELL has returned to the mountains after working in Florida for many years. In February 2021, he joined News 13 as an evening anchor with Tammy and Holly. Ty also participates in News 13 Investigates.

Where is Ingrid Allstaedt now?

Ingrid Allstaedt is a qualified broadcast meteorologist by the National Weather Association. For Western North Carolina, she monitors hurricanes, severe storms, and winter weather. She is the mother of two children at home and is expecting her third.

Who replaces Darcel Grimes?

Watford, Tammy

Who is Diana Davis married to?


How old is Diana Davis Jonesboro AR?

Who did Destiny Quinn marry?

Destiny has two fur kids, Charlie and Hazel, and is married to Roelf. She enjoys traveling, spending time with her family, and experiencing new things.

What is the NBC station in Tucson Arizona?

Tucson’s KVOA 4

Has Jay Siltzer gotten married?

Jay married Kelly McKeown in the year 2000.

Did Darcel Grimes retire?

Darcel Grimes, a WLOS anchor for 39 years, announced her retirement in May 2020. We should be on the watch for someone with her ability and intelligence for Western North Carolina news in the near future. In her day, she genuinely set the standard and limit for broadcast journalism.

Is Tammy Watford still at WLOS TV?

TAMMY WATFORD is the anchor of the 5:00, 5:30, and 6:30 news shows, and is well-known in schools across the mountains for her “Never Stop Learningeducation tales. In her daily reports, Tammy likes learning from the children and instructors she encounters.


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