Is Ted Phaeton Still With Fox News?

Similarly, Where is Ted Phaeton on Fox News?

Ted Phaeton is now residing in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Also, it is asked, Is Ted Phaeton still at Fox Carolina?

FOX CarolinaAnchors daily morning newscasts on weekdays.

Secondly, Where is Margaret Ann Carter?

Margaret-Ann Carter is a FOX Carolina morning anchor. She may be seen on The Morning News weekdays from 4:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. On January 1, Margaret-Ann joined the FOX Carolina reporting team. She is a native of Charleston, SC, and a University of South Carolina graduate who is relocating to the Upstate from Jackson, MS.

Also, Where is Kylee Miller from?

Kylee grew up in the state of Michigan. Her junior and senior years of high school were spent at Eastern Michigan University’s Early College Alliance program (ECA), where she earned an associate’s degree.

People also ask, Who is Kylie Miller?

Kylee Miller (@KyleeMiller WX) is on Twitter (@KyleeMiller WX). Meteorologist in Detroit. CBM#832 of the American Meteorological Society. Former Meteorologist for the United States and the Caribbean.

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Is Aaron cheslock leaving Fox?

I’ve decided to leave FOX Carolina after almost a decade; my last day on-air is Friday. Thank you to all of the coaches and players who agreed to allow me share their tales. Thank you for watching and following along with us on this journey.


Ted Phaeton was a Fox News correspondent who left the network in 2018. He is still with Fox News, but he has been off air since March of 2018.

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Ted Phaeton is still with Fox News. Despite the fact that he was accused of sexual harassment, he has not been fired from his position. Reference: ted phaeton wedding.

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