What Happened To Kvoa News Anchor?

Kristi Tedesco, a news anchor for KVOA-TV Channel 4, is leaving the station to work in another industry. Tedesco announced her retirement on her Facebook page on Wednesday. Since joining KVOA in 2004, Tedesco has received recognition for her coverage of children’s concerns. On August, she will leave the station.

Similarly, Why is Angelique Lizarde leaving KVOA?

Phoenix (KVOA) – Angelique Lizarde is leaving News 4 Tucson in order to pursue her aspirations and objectives elsewhere.

Also, it is asked, Is Angelique Lizarde back?

Happy to be back in Southern Arizona, Angelique Lizarde! Award-winning broadcast journalist with years of experience, Angelique. For News 4 Tucson, Angelique reported and anchored the nightly newscasts for five years. She was also quite active in the neighborhood.

Secondly, Is Valerie Cavazos still married?

He now serves as editor and writer for TVNewz.com, the leading Internet Webzine for the television news sector. James is wed to Valerie Cavazos, who still works as a news anchor in Arizona where the couple resides with their kids.

Also, Where is Valerie Cavazos today?

She formerly served on the foundation of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and she presently chairs the UA Journalism Advisory Committee. With her family and friends, Valerie spends her leisure time taking in the distinctive cultural character of southern Arizona.

People also ask, Where is Valerie Cavazos Channel 9?

Investigative journalist Valerie Cavazos is back at CBS station KOLD in Tucson, Arizona. The Tucson native is a product of KGUN. She was employed at KOLD from 2000 to 2005, when she left to start her own multimedia business.

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Did Valerie Cavazos leave?

Parisi did not depart from WRGB alone. After hearing a recorded discussion in which WRGB’s technical director and other people made disparaging remarks about her on-air performance, his wife Valerie Cavazos left her one-year employment as a morning news anchor two days after he announced his resignation.


Kvoa News Anchor is a local television news network based in the United States. The network was founded by Ken and Kari, who are also the owners of Kvoa Radio. In 2010, it had nine anchors and reporters. By 2011, it had only three anchors left.

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