What Happened To Laura Rogers On Wbko News?

Rogers had planned to leave WBKO at the end of 2021 to work as a journalist for the Spectrum News cable channel, but she found out two days before she was to leave that station management was attempting to prevent her from doing so by enforcing a “non-compete” clause in a contract she signed in 2014.

Similarly, Why did Laura Rogers leave WBKO news?

Rogers and her lawyer filed a lawsuit in district court, claiming that since her contract terminated in 2018, she is no longer bound by the non-compete. Rogers’ lawyer told the Bowling Green Daily News, “The first two-year contract began in 2014 and was extended for two more years in 2016.”

Also, it is asked, Where is Laura Rogers now?

Laura Rogers-Bennett works at the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s (CDFW) Marine Region as a senior environmental scientist and expert. Her principal duties at the UC Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory’s Bodega Bay field office include Marine Invertebrate Fisheries and Conservation Research. Dr.

Secondly, Who is Laura Rogers married to?

Laura Rogers and Colin Winans Myer have married.


Laura Rogers was the co-anchor of Wbko News. She left in September 2018.

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