What Happened To Scott On Fox 59 News?

Similarly, Who left FOX59 weather?

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Today is a sad day at FOX59, as we bid Fanchon Stinger farewell after almost 12 years on the anchor desk while wishing her well in the next chapter of her life.

Also, it is asked, Is cortopassi leaving FOX59?

On FOX59 Morning News, it’s been a long day! Ray Cortopassi, our long-time colleague and morning host, is leaving us. Ray obtained a position at WGN in Chicago, which is where he grew up. He’s brought a lot of enthusiasm, joy, and compassion to the station, and we’ll miss him!

Secondly, Who is Lindy Thackston married to?

Christian Hogue / SpouseLindy Thackston (m. 2014)

Also, Who is Lindy Thackston husband?

Christian Hogue / HusbandLindy Thackston (m. 2014)

People also ask, Where is Beairshelle edmé going?

Beairshelle Edme has been elevated to co-anchor three of WXIN-TV Channel 59’s daily newscasts. Edme, whose first name is pronounced “Beer-shell,” will transition from her job as anchor on the 4 p.m. and 11 p.m. newscasts to the 5 p.m., 6 p.m., and 10 p.m. newscasts.

Related Questions and Answers

Where is tanae Howard now?

Tanae moved to New Bern, North Carolina, to work as an anchor/reporter on WCTI 12. She covered a wide range of topics there, from political scandals to tropical hurricanes. Tanae spends her free time in Indianapolis checking out different eateries and participating in group exercise sessions.

What happened Chuck Lofton?

In early March, Chuck had a medical emergency that necessitated significant heart surgery. He’s been on the mend since then, with his health becoming better by the day. He returned to 13Sunrise on Friday about 6 a.m. and will gradually resume his customary responsibilities.

Why did Bruce Kopp leave WTHR?

At WTHR, Kopp has worked as a business reporter and weekend anchor, among other things. In March 2016, he was transferred from the early-morning “Sunrise” show to “other activities.” And now he’s on to something else. Kopp writes in a Facebook post that he will look for other job options in the Indianapolis region.

Why did Chris Wright leave WTHR?

Wright is reportedly departing WTHR at the end of July to make place for Buchman, who will resume weather reporting in September. According to NewsBlues, an industry insider report, Wright was given a “big salary reduction and a limited job” by WTHR.

What happened Rachel Bogle?

Rachel Bogle, a veteran of Indianapolis radio and television, has accepted a position as anchor in South Carolina.

How much does Chris Wright make?

Christopher Wright receives $5,377,180 in total remuneration from Liberty Inc as Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, and Director. There are no higher-paid executives at Liberty Inc.

Is Lindsey Thaxton married?

She was promoted to co-anchor with Scott Jones in October, replacing Kristin Kane. In January 2014, she married Christian Hogue, who works as a crew member for many IndyCar teams, notably Ed Carpenter Racing.

How much do Fox 59 news anchors make?

Where did Brittany garzillo go?

ALEXIS MCADAMS AND BRITTANY GARZILLO HAVE BEEN SIGNALED AS NEW YORK BASED CORRESPONDENTS BY THE FOX NEWS CHANNEL. OCTOBER, NEW YORK – Alexis McAdams and Brittany Garzillo have joined FOX News Channel (FNC) as New York reporters. They’ll start their new jobs later this month.

Where is Kaitlin Cody going?

Cody was thrilled to predict for Chicago winters since there had been some ice and snow storms in the south. Working in Chicago has been a goal of hers since high school, and she considers herself very fortunate to have this chance.

Who is Natalie Bomke married to?

Swiderski, Ed Natalie Bomke / Husband (m. 2015) Ed Swiderski is a television personality and marketing technology executive from the United States who won season 5 of the reality television program The Bachelorette. Wikipedia

Is Scott Swan ill?

Swan was eventually diagnosed with polyarteritis noderosa, often known as pan vasculitis, an uncommon kind of vasculitis. The body’s medium-sized blood arteries, notably those in the gastrointestinal system, heart, and kidneys, might be affected with this uncommon illness.

How many children does Scott Swan have?

three youngsters

What happened to Chick Lofton?

Chuck underwent a serious heart operation in March that necessitated his attention. Chuck has been on the mend since then, with his health steadily improving. Chuck wants to express his gratitude for everyone’s support and best wishes throughout his absence. He said that he is in excellent health and that he is eager to return!

What is Bruce Kopp doing now?

Former TV news anchor and reporter currently working as a media relations coordinator and content producer for Riley Children’s Foundation, the Indianapolis-based fundraising arm for Riley Hospital for Children.

What nationality is Aishah Hasnie?


Where is Emily wahls working?

Emily Wahls works for what company? Emily Wahls is a reporter for Fox 32.

Is Scott Swan still on WTHR?

INDIANAPOLISWTHR is excited to welcome Felicia Lawrence to the 13News team! Along with Scott Swan and Anne Marie Tiernon, Lawrence will join 13News as a daily evening anchor. “WTHR is a historic station that has a special place in our town.

Who is Anne Marie Tiernon married to?

Tiernon, Terry Spouse Anne Marie Tiernon

Who is the new anchor on WTHR?

Felicia Lawrence is a well-known actress.

Who is Felicia Lawrence?

Felicia is a powerful real estate investor and a well-known media figure. In the year 2019, this TV host started her career as a real estate speculator. Her investment portfolio is now worth more than $3 million. She’s done it all: bought, sold, rented, renovated, and flipped houses (GPXrentals.com).

What channel is Chuck Lofton on?

Chuck Lofton, a seasoned reporter, has spent more than three decades, or 36 years, as a meteorologist with WTHR-TV. WTHR is owned by the NBC television network. The channel is mostly concerned with Indiana and its history.


Scott was the anchor of Fox 59 News on weekdays. He left to work for a newscast in Chicago, Illinois.

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