What News Did the Letter from Frankenstein’s Father Bring?

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the news that Frankenstein’s father brought in the letter and what it could mean for the future of the novel.

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The Letter

The Letter from Frankenstein’s Father is an important plot device in the novel Frankenstein. The novel’s protagonist, Victor Frankenstein, reads the letter while he is in England. The news in the letter changes the course of the novel and leads to the eventual death of Frankenstein’s monster.

The Letter’s Contents

The letter’s contents were not what Victor Frankenstein had hoped for. His father had not found Elizabeth and brought her back to their home as Victor had asked. Instead, Mr. Frankenstein wrote to say that Elizabeth had passed away from what appeared to be natural causes.

The Letter’s Significance

The letter is the first instance in which we see Victor’s fathergp portrayal as a caring and devoted parent. It is also the first time that Alphonse shows any real concern for his son’s welfare, something that will become increasingly important as the novel progresses. In addition, the letter provides the first hint that all is not well in Geneva, foreshadowing the events to come.

Frankenstein’s Reaction

Frankenstein is sitting in his laboratory when he receives a letter from his father. He opens it with shaking hands, hoping for good news. However, the news is anything but good. Frankenstein’s father has died, and he must return home immediately.

Frankenstein’s Emotional Response

As Frankenstein reads the letter from his father, he experiences a gamut of emotions. He starts off feeling hope, as he believes that his father has finally forgiven him for his abandoning him and Elizabeth on their wedding day. However, this hope is quickly dashed as he reads on and realizes that his father has not forgiven him at all; in fact, he is even more disappointed in Frankenstein than ever before. This causes Frankenstein to feel immense guilt and shame, which only deepens as he reads of all the pain and suffering his father and Elizabeth have had to endure since he left them. By the end of the letter, Frankenstein is so overwhelmed with emotions that he can’t even speak; he can only sit there quietly, consumed by grief and remorse.

Frankenstein’s Mental Response

Frankenstein’s reaction to the news in the letter is one of immediate horror. Although he had long suspected that his creation was still alive, he had never dared to hope that it might be true. Now that he knows for sure, he is filled with dread at the thought of what his creature might be doing.

He is also filled with remorse for ever agreeing to create the creature in the first place. He knows that it is only because of his own hubris that this nightmare has come to pass. If he had only listened to his better judgment, none of this would have happened.

The Significance of the Letter

The letter from Frankenstein’s father brought news of the death of Frankenstein’s brother, William. This was a significant event because it was the first time that Frankenstein had heard of his brother’s death. Frankenstein was also very close to his brother and the news of his death caused him great pain.

The Letter’s Impact on Frankenstein’s Character

The letter which Frankenstein’s father had sent to him shortly before his death had a profound effect on the young man’s character. In it, he learned of the death of his mother and sister and of his father’s will. These events would have been traumatic for any young person, but for Frankenstein they were especially so. His mother’s death left him feeling alone and alienated from the world. His sister’s death, while not as directly affecting him, also served to make him feel isolated and alone. And his father’s will, which denied him any inheritance, made him feel even more alone and estranged from the world. All of these events served to make Frankenstein into a more withdrawn and introspective person.

The Letter’s Impact on the Plot

The Letter’s Impact on the Plot
In Frankenstein, the letter from Frankenstein’s father has a profound impact on the plot. After Elizabeth reads the letter, she faints. Victor is so moved by his father’s words that he rushes to Elizabeth’s side. The letter brings comfort to both Elizabeth and Victor during a time of great sorrow.

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