Why Was Neil Cavuto Off of Fox News?

Neil Cavuto was absent from his Fox News show for several weeks, leading to speculation about his health. Here’s what we know about why he was off the air.

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On February 6th, 2020, veteran journalist Neil Cavuto was absent from his regular spot on Fox News. Speculation about his whereabouts flooded social media, with some even suggesting that he had been fired. But what really happened?

Neil Cavuto’s Health

Neil Cavuto has been a staple at Fox News for years, but in late June 2019 he took a vacation from the network for what was reported as “medical reasons.” While it’s not clear exactly what is wrong with Cavuto, it’s been speculated that he may be suffering from an autoimmune disease. Regardless of the specifics of his condition, it’s clear that Cavuto is taking some time off to focus on his health.

The Fox News Schedule

The Fox News schedule is one of the most watched in the country. Many viewers tune in to see their favorite programs, like The O’Reilly Factor or Hannity. But what happens when a host goes missing?

Such was the case with Neil Cavuto, who was absent from his show for several weeks in early 2018. Viewers were left wondering what happened to him, and some even started to speculate that he had been fired.

So, why was Neil Cavuto off of Fox News? It turns out that he was taking some well-deserved vacation time. He has been with Fox News since it launched in 1996, and he definitely deserved a break!

Fox News’ Ratings 5. Conclusion

After looking at the data, it appears that Fox News’ ratings do not seem to be significantly impacted by Cavuto’s absence. In fact, the network’s ratings actually went up during the time period he was away. This could be due to a number of factors, including the timing of his absence (during a slow news period), the replacement programming that aired in his timeslot (which was generally well-received by viewers), or simply because Cavuto is not as big of a draw as some other Fox News personalities. Whatever the reason, it seems that Fox News can survive without Cavuto – at least in the short term.

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